How did you find Vale and why did you want to work with us?

When I was coming up to Byron, I wanted to work with a whole lot of brands that I knew made their pieces ethically rather than in sweat shops or in poor conditions generally. I found Vale on instagram and really loved the simplicity of the designs. 


What is your favourite denim item you have ever owned? 

Other than my Vale obviously hehe... I have a pair of light wash Levi’s that fit me like a glove... perfectly high waisted, perfect cut at the ankle, not too tight not too baggy. 


Tell us about it and it’s journey with you?

I actually only got them pretty recently!! I’ve been looking for a pair like them for so long. I finally found them in a little vintage store, my brother bought them for me (because we were shopping together for Christmas presents). They’re absolutely perfect until I eat a whole lot and I have to do a sneaky undo of the fly under my shirt.

Do you believe denim is an everlasting friendship in you’re wardrobe?

I’m trying to become more and more sustainable and a big part of that is having clothing that you’ll want for life. Denim is such a strong material and lasts forever so it only makes sense to make sure you love it. So the answer is yes! 

What was you’re favourite part about working with Vale? 

I love Amber a lot and am very happy and lucky to call her my friend now, so I loved being able to work with you!! The photographer, Matt Godkin was also so lovely and we bonded over veganism - he’s actually coming to Melbourne soon and we’re shooting again, and getting some vegan food (Melbourne has so many good vegan restaurants). Vale seems to work only with kind and fun people. Also the denim is super soft and comfy, love being cosy during a shoot 

What was your favourite Vale item to wear?

A delicious forest green top and jeans from the new season coming out, I’m so looking forward for it to all come out. Such a good, full colour. 

What is you’re favourite tune to listen to when working? 

When I’m modelling what I like to listen to really depends on the vibe or character I’m trying to depict. I love when I get to be a little bit of a boss bitch (sorry for those who don’t love swearing). When I’m channeling that sort of mood, I love Monster by Kanye and Man by Skepta. 

What are you're goals over the next year?

I’ve deferred from my uni studies for the year, but I’ll be doing Global Studies so I can get into foreign aid. Until then I’m hoping to really give modelling a go. I’m going to stay in Sydney for a couple of months because there is lots of work there, and I just signed with Kult. I also want to keep working with Animal Liberation and other animal rights groups, and make some more art. 

What does it mean to you to be a Vale Girl?

I think classic denim cuts combined with rich, fresh colours mirrors girls and how we are more than skin deep, not simply what is expected from what first meets the eye. Being a vale girl is celebrating what makes you unique, as well as what makes us similar - girlhood is not a competition.