What made you start your beautiful website The Alchemists?  

At the time when I first conceptualised it, I was fresh out of school and missing the outlet of writing, it’s very easy to fall out of that routine without deadlines looming. It was also a time when I began to realise a lot of people were coming to me with questions about wellness, my upbringing, my style, recipes – the works. I also knew a lot of really amazing women, who I felt could bestow a bit of wisdom to all of us. So I put The Alchemists together. Pretty quickly there was a lot of people gravitating towards what I was doing, so I kept at it.


What inspires you the most?  

Essentially, I’m inspired by the women and men that have been in my life for so long, they’re the ones who encapsulate incredible strength, creative expression, vulnerability, love, passion and fire. That resilience and authenticity inspires me endlessly. I have this uncanny ability to feel authenticity viscerally, so having these souls in my orbit makes me feel so lucky. That’s my mum and my sister in a nutshell too; a powerful woman (and mother), gentle but with an authenticity and strength that is so inspirational, creative genius just oozing out of them. Then there’s the storytellers, orators through history who’ve fearlessly bared their heart and soul for their passion. Nature inspires me; rain and sunrise. Music; classical, rap, poetry, rock, chanting and the power of sound.  Art in all forms. I’m deeply inspired by the unseen world of true spiritual connection, the metaphysical. What doesn’t inspire me?!

When do you feel most yourself? 

I feel myself when I use my body as in dance or when I play music.
I also love the connection I have with food as medicine, and the alchemy of food, so cooking for friends and family makes me feel so grounded. I also feel like myself when I am wet from rain.

On a superficial level, there’s this running family joke, that I used to get changed maybe 6 times a day when I was really little, and instead of putting it away I’d throw it under my bed. I’m better at recycling outfits now, but it definitely kind of solidified that I’ve always adored the creativity of dressing. I feel totally myself when I have that outlet. The punchline of that joke is that after 6 outfits, I’d always end up dancing naked. I feel very myself then!


What is your favourite tune at the moment? 

I’ve got a few running at the moment; going for a Stones classic in She’s a Rainbow, there’s always a bit of Kendrick in there, a bit of chamber music, and finally a mantra from Kundalini Yoga called Eka Mai by White Sun.





What is the favourite piece of denim you have ever owned? 

Other than my Vale pieces? I’m a bit of a vintage denim fiend – the composition is so sturdy, unique cuts and interesting washes. I have an amazing pair of striped jeans from 1960s/70s France – the real win is when the vintage finds actually fit. So they’re pretty treasured by me.



How did you find Vale and what drove you to work with us? 

Vale quenched my thirst for a white wide leg pant years ago – the perfect fit, the perfect cut, what more could a girl want! When you asked me to work with you and collaborate as a Vale Girl, there was no question. I’m passionate about amazing women, creating amazing businesses with vision and soul and Vale embodied that.






What has been your favourite experience with Vale? 

Frolicking in the long dry grass as the golden hour poured in wearing my Red Quartz Classic get-up is the front of my mind when I think about my numerous experiences with Vale. Each one has perfectly enveloped what Vale means to me; effortless, joyous and always good conversation in between camera clicks.



What does 2018 hold for you and what are your goals? 

So much! I’m the midst of writing a book, developing a few products. This year has started off busy in the right way, and it’s definitely a welcome feeling.


Do you have any up and coming travel planned? 

I do! Been a long time coming, but I will be spending June in Europe for lots of European summer-filled bliss. I haven’t done Italy yet, so that will probably satisfy all my food dreams. I’m a London lover, so going back in the “warmer” (I use that term lightly) months, will be divine. Then Paris of course. I’m avoiding winter at all costs!



Do you have a message for Vale readers? 

Invest in good design always, created by people with heart and fearless creative expression. Wear pieces with integrity, created by people with you in mind, who aren’t afraid of colour and the energy that that brings. Be fearless!




Ondine wears the Cruise Culottes White Denim, Earth Layers Jacket White Denim and Steam Onsie Sailor Stripe. 


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