An afternoon spent with lovers Elke and Tate hooning around the hills of Myocum just outside Byron Bay Australia. Elke tells us more about their romantic journey in our interview below. 


V- When did you first meet?
Elke - As unromantic as it sounds, it was through mutual friends at schoolies about a year and a half ago now. We were both staying at a friends beach house that night and went for a night swim following an all manner of crazed Byron sorts in town. Watching him drive away the next morning, I couldn't help but feel an accelerated excitement for the coming Summer. I always think so fondly of that first Summer with Tate.
V- What was your first date?
Elke - It was at the local Carnival by the river. We’d watched the sunset at Wategoes that afternoon and spent the rest of the night on rides and eating cotton candy. It felt like the quintessential teenage romance movie, really.
V- What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for each other?
Elke - That’s hard to pick but I like the small things best. Tate and I often write each other letters or notes and I keep every one. I think it really helps writing it all down, we can resolve things with true clarity of our feelings or leave each other with an internal glow for the rest of the day.
V- What is your favourite thing to do with each other on weekends? 
Elke - I love to drive with him. ‘Sunday drives’ are not restricted to Sunday at all for us. We’ve found some really cool stuff down the most obscure of roads - like abandoned houses and quarries and new waterholes. Tate recently installed new speakers which makes the drives even better. But I like ending up at the beach with him and his surfboard most, and grabbing a bite to eat on our way out if town isn't too busy.
V- What does the next year hold for you?
Elke - We’re both off to Japan for a month over cherry blossom season. On our return, I’d really like to work on rebuilding my old hobbies that I’ve lost. As typical as it sounds for a newly turned adult, I’d really like to dedicate this year to experimentation and ‘finding myself,’ I suppose.  But for now, this year involves a lot of work, a lot of saving, and a lot of travel.
V- How will you be spending Valentines Day? 
Elke - I’d really like to take Tate and our new pup, Suki, to the beach for a picnic and spend the day in the ocean. We haven't got any plans yet, but as long as we’re together it doesn't really matter what we do - being with Tate makes everything fun.
Shot by Matt Godkin